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See the range of new and used Camping items including Fridges, Tents, Lighting and Outdoor Furniture for sale throughout Australia.


Buy Camping Gear Online, Including Both New and Used Products

Next time you are looking to buy camping gear, why not skip the nearest outdoor supply store in favour of Everything Outdoors Australia? We provide an easy-to-use online classifieds platform where outdoor enthusiasts from throughout Australia can use to buy or sell gear, accessories, appliances and more. Who knows? Our site might be the gateway to precisely the equipment you need, for a better deal than you’d find elsewhere.

What Sets Everything Outdoors Australia Apart as a Place to Buy Camping Gear

Why should you use Everything Outdoors Australia as your spot to buy used camping furniture, lighting solutions or other products? Here are a few factors that make our platform such a useful resource for camping enthusiasts.

  • An intuitive setup: Some online classifieds sites are confusing, to put it mildly. Not ours! Say you want to buy used outdoor cooking supplies. Just click the tab on our site that says ‘Camping’, and you’ll see a neatly organised page with numerous categories of different camping equipment. Those categories include ‘Cooking,’ ‘Fridges and Coolers’ and ‘Gas and Fuel Appliances,’ all of which related to camping food prep. Other groups are equally logical and easy to parse.
  • We make it easy to filter listings: You can easily filter the products in each category further, based on your preferred price range and location.
  • Anyone can submit listings: Anyone can list outdoor gear for sale on our site. We currently have free listings; this is an introductory offer that helps draw new sellers to our website. For buyers, this setup is terrific, because it means more people are selling through us (and that more quality products are available on our platform).

Why It’s Important to Buy Used Tents or Camping Furniture

At Everything Outdoors Australia, we do list a range of new products across all our categories. However, a big part of the appeal of our platform for most buyers and sellers is as a place to buy or sell used equipment. Here are a few reasons that being able to buy used tents or other camping gear is so terrific.

  • It’s an opportunity to save money: Shopping for brand-new camping gear can be super exciting, but it can also be super expensive. Buying used saves you money and helps your money go further—vital if you are stocking up on a variety of camping equipment.
  • It’s good for sellers: People can have many different reasons for selling camping equipment. Maybe it’s part of an estate sale, or perhaps the person is just upgrading to a bigger tent or a new campsite cooking system. Regardless, giving sellers a platform to sell equipment that still has a lot of life left in it is good for everyone. We are proud to do it.
  • It’s easy: Before you go shopping for new camping equipment, why not check our site to see what kind of used gear is out there? It will only take you a few minutes to survey our current listings, and you might just find an opportunity to buy used camping cooking supplies and save a lot of money.

Why Trust Everything Outdoors Australia as a Place to Buy Camping Gear

As you go to buy used camping furniture on our site, you might have some hesitation or worry about buying from a stranger. Don’t worry - we require sellers to present their products in an honest light and will stand by you, the buyer if anything goes wrong. Contact us today to learn more about why we’re such a great spot to buy camping gear.

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